Men and Their Mental Health

Around 1 in 8 men are struggling with some kind of mental health problem, yet they’re often the most reluctant to admit that something is wrong – never mind seek professional help!

So, why is that? And what should we be doing to help men to have more open and honest conversations around mental health?

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Thoughts From the Midst of Depression

As it’s World Mental Health Day today, I’ve decided to do something a little bit different with this post. Usually, I’d talk about how I think days like this are super important and try to provide lots of information that might help someone to recognise their mental illness or enable them to seek help.

But instead, I’ve decided I want to talk as candidly as I can about what I’m going through at the minute. To provide a more realistic insight into what it’s like to be living with a mental health condition, especially as a young person.

This is essentially just a stream of consciousness, I don’t know that I say anything useful or all that groundbreaking but I needed some kind of outlet.

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Skolstrejk för klimatet!

Sixteen year old Greta Thunberg is doing so much to try and get those who can do something to act on the issues that have arisen because of the climate crisis.

So, why is Greta Thunberg so brilliant? And what can we all do to help – after all, it’s our planet at risk!

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Each year in June, the LGBTQ community comes together across the globe to celebrate, protest and to raise awareness of issues that impact LGBTQ people. This year though, Pride Month has felt a little different – a little more hopeful than previous years perhaps?

I’m not sure exactly what it was, but I want to talk about it!

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“So, when are you going to have kids?”

The obsession that so many people have with women who, for whatever reason, don’t have children – or only have one child – is something I’m finding bizarre, intrusive and beyond rude. So, here are my thoughts on why women are more than entitled to not have any kids and why that’s none of your business.

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21st Century Dating

Regardless of how you meet someone, whether you’re introduced by friends or meet on a dating app, trying to navigate the world of dating in order to find real romance and true love is a bit of a minefield.

So, what is it that makes the search for a relationship something so many people are determined to persevere with despite how stressful it can be?

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